I just couldn’t ask for something without offering something in return…

So, I’ve got a plan…

How does a novella sound to you? Specifically, how do you like the sound of a novella that will cost you absolutely nothing to buy, is yours to keep and to pass around with the only requirement upon yourself to be a gentleman’s agreement that you will pass it on, will tell other people about it and perhaps (if you would be so kind) use your own blog, Facebook page or Twitter account to link back to here? Sound good? Sound fair? Then please, read on…

I am a wannabe. There really are no two ways about it, I’m a gainfully employed wannabe-writer who isn’t actually employed as a writer and, like many others, I have a dream. That dream is to gain a readership, to write books and stories that people love and to be worshipped for it. Well alright, not worshipped, but the odd “Nice one, dude! Would you sign my face?” wouldn’t go amiss, nor would enough money to purchase the odd bottle of JD and to keep myself in biros and notebooks. I’m not seeking fame, fortune or glitz and glamour, but I am looking to get my name out there as a writer and be taken sort-of seriously, or at least as seriously as my writing deserves. And this is where all of you (that’s like, what, six people?) come in.

I got to thinking recently about how to get my name out there, how to garner interest in my stories and how to pimp myself in general without involving money, agents or having to quit my job. Don’t look at me like that, I’m a parent and have certain responsibilities that my wife has kindly informed me I’m not allowed to shirk. So there. What I’ve decided on, with no input from anyone else so it’s bound to be a bad idea, is that I am to become a garage band. Or rather, the literary equivalent. Way back when, before you would get sued so hard your balls would turn to raisins and you would crumple into a pathetic heap of dust, people would record themselves as best they could afford, hastily cobble together some “artwork” (bribe an arty type and take the result to the nearest photocopier) and pass around the resulting tape at their gigs in the full knowledge that it would be copied, passed around and with it the name of the band would spread. Of course this means that if the novella stinks, my name either won’t go far or it will go a long way with the suffix “is a talentless bellend.” That’s a risk I’m willing to take as I have a lot of faith in this story and the novel(s) that will follow on from it.

So, in the next month or so, once the edit is complete and I’ve done the aforementioned cobbling of artwork, a link will be appearing here, there and everywhere for my novella, currently going by the working title of “Spares.” A full teaser, blurb and sneak-peak at the cover will be posted in the run up to the day when I freely give away something that has been very close to my heart for the last few months.

I’d love to have you onboard.


About Alec

An aspiring writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror based in Cornwall, at least when I'm not working as a purchaser for the family Architectural Ironmongery firm. I am a father of two boys and the owner of perhaps the most ridiculous dog to ever chase its tail. View all posts by Alec

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